Niagara Escarpment Earth History

Through my research, writings, and hikes, you will discover a place where nature and magic meet. A place where ancient sea creatures once swam in a warm water sea at the equator line of latitude. Imagine a place filled with magnificent coral, the earth’s first arthropods, and other strange creatures that thrived when life on the planet was still young. Plants were first appearing on land and before the first dinosaurs first walked on the earth, the Paleozoic Era was creating life at the bottom of this warm water sea 250-500 million years ago. Now imagine that you can actually see and touch this ancient seafloor in the here and now. After nearly half a billion years of fossilization, continental shifting and migration, and erosion from the meltwaters of receding glaciers the exposed edge of this fossilized sea created the most amazing of natural landscapes in southern Ontario – The Niagara Escarpment!

Hit the “Explores Enter Here” button above to come with me on my hikes across this ancient land through my blog posts. Come explore with me and hear about its history and the people who walked it before us with every step I take! See you inside, signing off, “Hiking with the Viking”.