Nottawasaga Bluffs and the Amabel formation

High on the Escarpment overlooking Nottawasaga Bay and Collingwood is a rocky oasis of trees, ferns and deep crevices that were created when huge blocks broke away from the cliff face. The Trail begins at the Nottawasaga Lookout and passes by ancient cedars that cling to the Escarpment face, zigzagging through the Pretty River Valley and Clearview Township. This beautiful rock is the Amabel Formation – dolomite and limestone created on the bottom of a 250 million-year-old warm water sea that once existed here. Along the way, you will see an incredible example of the ground we hike on by the old Walker quarry just up from Duntroon Village. It is quite spectacular to see. To finish this hike off is ‘Franks Lime Kiln’, which is one of the best-preserved lime kilns in Ontario, built in 1860 by our first settlers. Lime provided the bonding ingredient in plaster, mortar and cement. The process involved filling the kiln with limestone pieces piled in an arch over a wood fire that was burned for 3-5 days. This 10 km hike has every ingredient to make it an awesome historical experience! Signing off, “Hiking with the Viking”. Map 23, Blue Mountain Bruce Trail Club

Published by Annette Sandberg

I grew up on the Niagara Escarpment in Grey County and this ancient land was, and still is, my backyard playground. I am a Certified Hike Leader with Hike Ontario and I lead hikes for various Ontario Trail Clubs, Sightseeing Tour Agencies and individual groups of family & friends who want to experience nature safely and informatively with an experienced Guide.

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