The Wolf Clan battle the Iroqois in Clearview

The Ojibways also have an extensive history in this area. They travelled from Penetanguishene to near where Collingwood is today and the old Petun territory, because of attacks of the Iroqouis upon them. The Petun, too, had been chased out of their homeland by the Iroquois in the mid-1600s. According to Peter S. Schmalz’s ‘TheContinue reading “The Wolf Clan battle the Iroqois in Clearview”

Eugenia Falls – Hoggs Falls via Cuckoo Valley

Fun Facts 1. In 1852, an early settler named Brownlee near Flesherton, discovered a waterfall falling 30 metres over the Niagara Escarpment to the Beaver River below – Eugenia Falls. He saw some glittering in the rock and thought that he discovered gold, but alas, it was “fools gold”. It triggered the areas first andContinue reading “Eugenia Falls – Hoggs Falls via Cuckoo Valley”

Bognor Marsh and tale of the The Turkey Tail

I hiked a 5.1 km loop around the wondrous Bognor Marsh, which features an open marsh, semi-flooded wetland, grassy meadows, and the Niagara Escarpment. The Marsh was originally a hardwood forest, but was continually flooded, creating a swamp, then a marsh. Once on top of the ridge, the world changes into a place of variedContinue reading “Bognor Marsh and tale of the The Turkey Tail”

Devils Glen Provincial Hike Bruce Trail

Situated on the Niagara Escarpment 518 m above sea level, this park features rock outcrops, forested slopes and wetlands, and protects a geologically significant incised river valley. Meltwater from the last retreating glacier carved the steep gorge of Devil’s Glen, where the Mad River now winds its irregular route. Today, I did a 7 kmContinue reading “Devils Glen Provincial Hike Bruce Trail”

The Glen Management Area and the Black Stone Creek

Natural area of varied forests, beaver ponds, marshes, and abandoned pastures; Niagara Escarpment and the Bruce Trail; remnants of an early sawmill from the area’s historically important logging industry; geologically interesting features such as glacial marks on bedrock, ancient shore boulders and walls upon walls of deep ancient crevices that seem to never end. WhatContinue reading “The Glen Management Area and the Black Stone Creek”

Webwood Falls, Fairmount Passage, Grey County

The Webwood Falls Nature Reserve is located north of the Town of Kimberley in the municipality of Grey Highlands. A true cascading waterfall, although not a ‘bridal veil’ falls such as you find at Indian Falls or Hogg’s Falls, it’s much more akin to Walter’s Falls in style. The water flow is definitely not heavy,Continue reading “Webwood Falls, Fairmount Passage, Grey County”

The bear and I walking the “Old Mail Road”

In the middle of a peaceful forest are the remains of an old pioneer road traveled regularly, despite its chronic state of disrepair, by settlers taking up land in the new townships. The Old Mail Road must have been, at least in part, an old Indian route, because ancient artifacts have been found along it.Continue reading “The bear and I walking the “Old Mail Road””

The Petun, or Tionontati (“People Among the Hills/Mountains”)

I led an Historical Hike with fellow members of the Blue Mountain Bruce Trail Club. A day in Our local History – December 7, 1649 marks the 370th Anniversary of when the Iroquois conducted a deadly raid against the Petun Wolf clan village Etharita (St Jean), one of the nine Petun Villages located along theContinue reading “The Petun, or Tionontati (“People Among the Hills/Mountains”)”