Silent Valley and the plane crash site

Tucked between the gentle slopes of a long-vanished glacial landscape and the Niagara Escarpment is an oasis of peace and tranquility on the side trails of Silent Valley. It has a past that extends 12,000 years to a time of glacial retreat and the depositing of its rock and silt on the gouged land. Time moved forward to the settling by pioneers on the land in the 1800s, Evidence of these past events is found on Escarpment hills of glacial talus rock, the fossils throughout the area and the ruins of a sturdy homestead owned by the Wilson family. To the west of the homestead is the site where, in 1970, a Cessna 205 crashed in the trees, tragically taking the lives of the 4 people in the plane. I opted not to hike the Avalanche Pass side trail where the talus rock is so incredible due to timing being so close to sunset. On another day, I will return to finish it. As it was, I left this amazing forest with just the hue of the setting sun adding a glow to the sky. After, I went to Ted’s Road Side Diner for a bite to eat and a visit with an old friend. Signing off, “Hiking with the Viking”. Sydenham Bruce Trail Club Map #30, Woodford

For hiking location purchase map #30 @ Bruce Trail Conservancy

Published by Annette Sandberg

I grew up on the Niagara Escarpment in Grey County and this ancient land was, and still is, my backyard playground. I am a Certified Hike Leader with Hike Ontario and I lead hikes for various Ontario Trail Clubs, Sightseeing Tour Agencies and individual groups of family & friends who want to experience nature safely and informatively with an experienced Guide.

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