The Wolf Clan battle the Iroqois in Clearview

The Ojibways also have an extensive history in this area. They travelled from Penetanguishene to near where Collingwood is today and the old Petun territory, because of attacks of the Iroqouis upon them. The Petun, too, had been chased out of their homeland by the Iroquois in the mid-1600s. According to Peter S. Schmalz’s ‘The Ojibwa of Southern Ontario’, the Battle of the Blue Mountains took place here in Clearview Township. At sunrise, the Iroquois were surrounded and attacked by the Ojibway. Many Iroqouis were killed, but some managed to escape. Others were captured and made to watch as the hundreds of dead were decapitated and the heads stuck on poles that stood along the edge of what would become the ski hills of the Blue Mountains, facing north, toward the land of the Ojibway. The survivors were told to go home and tell of what they saw. Through treatys, the Ojibway eventually gave up this land. These crevices are some of my favorites and are between Meaford and Owen Sound – once also the Land of the Ojibway, just like the Blue Mountains. To hike here, go to Blue Mountain Section, Bruce Trail Club, Map #23


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